If you haven't tried the new Spicy Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's, you better head over and get some now.

Just weeks after the release of the new Spicy McNuggets, it seems they're selling out across the country. The company said almost all of their locations will be sold out within the next few days.


This news comes along side similar news that the new Mighty Hot Sauce, and the Chips Ahoy! McFlurry are also dangerously low in supply. “McDonald's fans across the country are loving the new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, Mighty Hot Sauce and Chips Ahoy! McFlurry we introduced earlier this month, and we’re thrilled with the positive response to these limited-time offerings,” McDonald’s said in a statement.  “If our customers truly can’t get enough, there’s always a chance we’ll bring limited-time menu items back in the future. You never know, you might just see some of these fan-favorites again soon...”

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the hottest news you’ll see on your feed today: Spicy Chicken McNuggets are coming 9.16

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The items were all listed as limited-time-only items, so hopefully they'll be back. I'll definitely be stopping for some Spicy McNuggets as soon as I'm done working today.

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