When you call in sick or show up late too many times, you can't keep using the same excuse. And blaming it on our pets is a popular strategy...

A new survey found just under a quarter of pet owners have lied to their boss about a sick pet before.

Sometimes it's to get out of work. And sometimes there really IS something wrong. But we worry our boss won't think it's a valid excuse. So we lie and say WE'RE sick instead.

Here are four more quick stats from the survey . . .

  1. 39% of pet owners have taken a day off, and 27% have worked from home because of a sick pet.
  2. 30% have flaked on plans with their friends to spend time with their pet instead.
  3. 76% have panicked when their pet swallowed something they shouldn't have. The top five bad things our pets swallow are grass . . . food they're not supposed to have . . . stuffing from toys or pillows . . . toilet paper . . . and bugs.

Read more at NY Post.

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