Johnny 5 is Alive!  Check out the making of the iconic robot from the movie Short Circuit.  As a bonus, you can win concert tickets to Quad City RockFest!

Remember how cool Johnny 5 was?  I mean common, he's a defense robot that wants to to become a good guy.  BUT..... Now that I'm reflecting on this 1986 flick, forget the bag of bolts, remember Stephanie?  Here's the Ally Sheeny bathtub scene:

Anyway, here is the clip from the documentary about the robotics behind Johnny 5 and watching this video will help you win tickets to Quad City Rockfest:

Here's how to win QC Rockfest tickets.... Name the song that plays at the end of the video clip to win. (If you don't care about the documentary and only want to win QC Rockfest Tickets... the song kicks in at 6:29)

Email your answer to and I will draw a winner tomorrow of all the correct entries! (And I'll play that song too!)

Good Luck!