This week’s #97XRockClub album of the week is Rush, 2112

Released in 1976, 2112 was the first album that Alex Lifeson said "really sounded like Rush"

The album was written in approximately six months.  Neil Peart started to write lyrics, Getty Lee and Alex Lifeson would write music that complemented the mood of what Peart was writing about.

Plus they focused on writing music with very little need for overdubbing, because they wanted to recreate it on stage as close as possible. Which is odd because Rush would not perform the "2112" suite in its entirety until the 1996 Test for Echo tour.

Now, 2112 is what some may call a “concept album”.  Which is dicey territory and they DO fall into the trap of putting the “story before song”.

Which I think diminishes an album or at the very least makes you want to fast forward through the “plot” much like some of my favorite movies growing up.

“2112" tells a story set in the city of Megadon (is that in Canada?) in the year 2112, where individualism and creativity are outlawed

It’s 97XRockClub.  Here are my drunken notes from my 1st listen to 2112

Friday night. I sit down after fumbling with the plow for way too the snow & wind. So, I definitely need a drink.  Have a few drinks with the wife and she decides to head to bed. It’s 10 o’clock so, I’m not ready yet. I’m only 3 beers and 3 shots of whiskey in. Kids are gone for the nights so...this is how I “turn up”.

Not too loud though, cause the wife’s in bed.

Now, I had never listened to this album all the way through before.  I listened to the instrumental part of The Suite because a band I was in were going to use it as the 1st song in our set.  Patient Zero?

Initially “the suite” starts off great. No Geddy Lee vocals which I believe are the polarizing ingredient to whether or not you’re a Rush fan.  You can't argue with the musicianship...but vocals are a take it or leave it situation with many.

So, when lyrics kick in, I am very surprised! His voice is not as whiney as I remember it. This is killer! Some growl.  Some angst!

I absolutely LOVE this song! “We are the priests! Of the Temples of Syrinx!”

So, at this point I’m all in!

Jesus! Am I a RUSH fan? I love this!

Makes me wanna listen to Mars Volta because there are a lot of similarities vocal wise.  But…maybe I should listen to more Rush! Where would I start?  Do I go backward and start at the beginning?

But this 2112 is the album that Alex Lifeson said was the 1st one to “sound like Rush”.  So maybe I need to continue forward and see where it takes me.

As I listen, I’m hearing so many bands that have obviously ripped off this band.  Mars Volta is just the 1st one that came to mind.

Passage to Bangkok reminded me of Asian hooker from Steel Panther.  But only that little guitar part.

Lessons. I’m officially going to have to revise my stance against Rush. I’m loving this album!

Then we get to “Tears”.  The worst song on the album.

Headed to the last song. I’m hoping it ends with a bang! It does. Something For Nothing…might be my favorite song on the album.

Holy shit! I’m so happy. This is going to open up a whole new band for me. I really loved this album.

Right when it starts getting boring it starts kicking ass.

I love that push and pull.  A great song has tension and release and that was all over this album.

Here are some quick memories and reviews from you guys:

Beth Bembenek 2112 was my favorite album of theirs seen them at Palmer auditorium in Davenport in 1977great concert

Bob Griffin Great guys should play it sometimes..or Live all the worlds a stage. Seen them at the RKO in 78

Mike Mudd Pulled it last week and played it, will play it again tonight.

Michael Crow Other than it was blasting at every high school house party back in the day?

James Wallace 2 copies....just in case

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