Ever since I started listening to the radio, and then working on the radio--the weekends have always offered special opportunities.

From things like The King Biscuit Flower Hour jamming some of the best live shows I was never old enough to go see, to the 97X CD Six-Pack I'd hear driving home from the bars on Saturday Nights. Metal Shop, and Z-man and Mark Detl, made you excited to hear what was next.

Well, after too long a wait, Brian Miner will be bringing something special to Friday Nights on the X. I think it's the perfect compliment to a radio station that started out playing the next big thing--can't wait for this to start!

This is great news for all the great talent we have here in the area. Submit your material to BrianMiner73@gmail.com Thank you to 97X for giving Miner Disturbance Podcast a platform like this. We are honored to be partnered with such a legendary rock station.

-Brian Miner

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