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Rare footage of AC/DC performing “What Do You Do for Money Honey” in 1981 has emerged.  The video comes from the band’s Back in Black Tour and was originally aired on a Japanese television program.

Since thee live music industry, David Lee Roth has started painting.  The Van Halen frontman has been creating what he calls comics - while in lockdown. Their themes offer reflection and occasional satire of these Covid times.

First Responders Appreciation Day at the Field of Dreams Site is happening Saturday, July 25 with a day of family, fun and baseball.  Police departments representing the cities of New York and Chicago will take the Field for 9-innings with live music following.

In local news, the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds has been completely cancelled just two weeks after a "scaled down" fair was announced. Officials said that while their plan fit with health guidelines, the increase of cases has pushed them towards cancelling.

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