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Black Sabbath's Final Shows Could Be Collected for a Live Album


Black Sabbath put the final nail in their coffin recently…but even if you missed out, you’ll be able to catch the final performances on a live album.  Plus! they’re editing a documentary.  My guess is, you’ll get something in time for Christmas this year.



Robert Trujillo's 12-Year-Old Son Is Playing Bass for Korn

Gary Miller, Getty Images

Metallica’s bassist, Robert Trujillo has so much talent, he’s shared some with his son.  The 12 year old bass player has landed a gig filling in for metal band Korn.  See a video of father & son Trujillo playing live online.


Chuck Berry Laid to Rest With Heartfelt Memorial Service, Gene Simmons Gives Surprise Eulogy

Gene Simmons of Kiss gave a tearful send off to Chuck Berry during the celebration of life in St Louis yesterday.  He says, “anyone who plays rock n roll was inspired by him”.