If you want all your 20-something coworkers to think you're cool, apparently you should stop using the word "cool."


Someone posted a list of words that used to make you sound young, but can make you sound old now. Apparently "cool" is the new "groovy." Here are five words you might want to start using less:

  1. "Totally." Like when you're agreeing with someone, you might say, "Oh yeah, totally." Millennials don't really use it like that, it's more of a Generation X thing.
  2. "Sweet." Some people in their late 20's and 30's think everything is sweet. Like, "We have next Friday off? Sweet!" Try not to use it too much.
  3. "Cool." Younger people do use it in specific situations. Like they might say a new gadget is "cool." But they don't use it on its own as much.
  4. "Bummer." It sounds dated, like something you'd say in the 90's. "Dude, bummer."
  5. "Awesome." Again, you can still use it. Like if your recent trip to Hawaii was "awesome," that's okay. It's starting to feel dated, kind of like the word "rad."

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