Waylon Klitzman wanted decided to auction off his pig to raise money for cancer research and his hog brought in way more than he expected.

The 15-year-old was inspired to raise the funds in honor of his teacher whose 4-year-old niece was battling neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. Kim Katzenmeyer is Waylon's favorite teacher and she had left her position to raise money to fight the disease.

Once the story got out, buzz started to pick up about the auction for a pig named Roo. Bidding started fast and eventually the pig sold for $11.50/lb. The auctions winner donate the pig to be sold again instantly, this time for $10.25/lb. The second winner donated the pig again and it sold for $11/lb.

Roo was donated yet again and sold for a fourth and final time. In all, Waylon's auctioned pig brought in over $10,000 for BeatNB. The teen isn't stopping there, he's already planted three acres of pumpkins and will sell them this fall to raise more money.

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