South Carolina cities rank high on a recent list of American cities with the highest sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates, revealing a severe public health crisis.

A new report indicates that these 3 South Carolina cities have alarmingly high STD rates, ranking them among the 25 most affected cities in the U.S.

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Conducting The STD Study conducted a study of U.S. Cities with the Highest STD Rates. And among the top 25 on the list, three of the cities were located in South Carolina. Their research team dove deep into the CDC’s latest STD Surveillance Statistics and provided their analysis of current trends in 2023.

For our 6th annual study of STD rates, Innerbody Research analyzed the latest statistics on a city-by-city basis and developed our list of the Top 100 cities with the highest STD rates. In this year’s report, the city with the highest STD rate was Memphis, TN, overtaking Jackson, MS, which moved to 2nd. STD Study

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These 3 South Carolina Cities Have The Highest STD Rates In The Country

These rates not only reveal the severe health crises faced by these South Carolina cities but also bring attention to the nationwide issue of sexually transmitted diseases. As such, these figures call for prompt public health action to educate the public and curb the spread of STDs.

One South Carolina City came in at the #3 for having the highest STD rates.



Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, comes in at number 3 on the list, displaying a high prevalence of STD cases, notably chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

Columbia, SC, rose 15 spots from #18 to #3 in this years study.

Charleston follows suit with the 14th highest STD rate, primarily influenced by its rising number of gonorrhea and chlamydia cases. Despite being a prime tourist destination, these escalating rates cast a shadow over the city's reputation.

The third South Carolina city to appear on this alarming list is Greenville, standing at number 25. A marked rise in gonorrhea cases alongside a high rate of chlamydia infections contributes to this city's high STD prevalence.

Get Tested

Efforts are currently underway in these cities to manage the crisis. Many initiatives focus on improving awareness about the importance of regular testing, the use of protection, and encouraging open discussions about sexual health to remove the stigma surrounding STDs.

Public health officials emphasize the necessity of getting regularly tested and knowing your status, as many STDs can be asymptomatic. Preventative measures are an essential part of curbing the rise of STDs and must be combined with effective treatment plans for those diagnosed.

The overall picture projected by this data is concerning, reflecting a need for continuous and aggressive interventions in South Carolina and other similarly affected areas throughout the nation.

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