Michaels and I have put our vast experience of trying to stay awake in the morning to good use.

Sometime around February of this year, we started playing around with the idea that having our own brand of coffee in the morning would be a good idea, since we have a revolving door of guests and others coming through the radio station. While the coffee around The Rock and Roll Mansion was pretty good, we had started to buy other, more expensive stuff as a matter of habit.

And then Goose started mixing the various brands we had left when the supply got low, and suddenly we were in Frankenstein's lab, if Frankenstein was making coffee instead of a monster--but you get the idea.

Pretty soon we were all lab rats, trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that each morning. By Summer, we were pretty serious about getting something with a "Wake me up before you go, go," aroma, and the flavor to match--and trying to keep it within Michaels' budget requirement of, "I'm not gonna pay a lot for this coffee."

We summoned the help of the Quad Cities' coffee expert, Drake at Country Club Coffee, and were soon taking a crash course in Beans, Roasting, Flavor, Consistency, and about a hundred other things we never imagined we'd ever be discussing. It started to become it's own project, trying coffees, blends, and combinations from all around the world.

It was about this time we approached Donuts & More, who had recently changed owners, to see if they'd be interested in serving a new, untested (Unless you count the many mornings in Dr. Goose Frankenstein's lab) coffee in their stores. That led to MORE tastings, now using the grinders and drippers at The Donuts & More locations to get a perfect blend of what we thought was the perfect coffee, which by now had the working title, "Workday Grind." Well, new owners Scott and Cris were coincidentally already thinking of expanding their coffee choices anyway, and the idea really took flight when they offered to put our blend in their stores!

So this is our experiment. Guys who wake up early for a living, who know the value of a great cup of coffee that is also a great value. Hooking up with coffee's greatest dance partner, the donut. Give us a try if you get a moment, and let us know what you think.

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