Turns out our go-to option when we need a 'breather' is a place with very poor air quality.

A new survey asked people to name the top reasons they use the bathroom, besides using the toilet or washing their hands.

And 27% said they use public bathrooms as their private sanctuary when they're stressed out and need to get away.

The survey was specifically about public restrooms, but the results seem like they'd apply to office bathrooms too.

Besides the toilet and sink, the number one reason we use bathrooms outside our house is to primp ourselves in the mirror. 47% of us do it regularly.

40% also go in there just to blow our nose, 27% use it as our sanctuary, 25% go in just to use the phone, and 14% regularly use public bathrooms to change clothes.

Also, 64% of us have a specific business we go to, just because we know their bathrooms are clean.

And the top things that can cause an unpleasant bathroom experience are unflushed toilets, no toilet paper, and stall doors that don't latch.

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