23-year-old Swedish native Olle Lundin made history this week by breaking the world record for the most continuous cracking of different joints.

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Breaking The Record

In December of 2022, Kamal Pokhrel (Nepal) held the record with a staggering 40 continuous cracks. Olle managed to surpass that impressive number, conquering 46 different joints in a row, making him the new official world record holder.

TikTok @guinnessworldrecords
TikTok @guinnessworldrecords

Practicing The Cracking

It was no easy task; Olle put in a “significant” amount of effort to make sure that he was adequately prepared. He practiced cracking his joints in the correct sequence each day for an entire month before the record attempt, doing his best to identify the most efficient order.

On the big day, Olle focused on maintaining steady movements in order to ensure that none of his joints cracked prematurely, making his challenge easier said than done. To comply with the rules, he had to make sure that no gap lasted more than three seconds, which also added to the pressure of the attempt.

Despite the pressure, Olle executed the “perfect order of cracks” with utmost precision and perfection, far exceeding expectations and successfully setting the world record for most continuous cracking of joints.

Olle surpassed the former record holder by six cracks, proving that determination and dedication are the keys to success.

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It All Started As A Child

It all began when Olle was a young boy at the age of six. His grandmother had warned him against cracking his fingers or else his hands would become crooked like hers.

Fortunately, that never happened as Olle started cracking his toes around age seven. A local Thai masseuse provided Olle with his first toe-cracking experience and left him "astonished" at the sensation.

TikTok @guinnessworldrecords
TikTok @guinnessworldrecords

He then began to explore cracking other joints in his body. Despite some being "definitely painful" to crack at first, Olle has always been relatively insensitive to pain, allowing him to perform the task at hand with ease.

“The most painful joints were probably the smaller joints, such as the ‘middle’ joints on the fingers and the toes in general,” he revealed.

Olle always remembered the exciting and dangerous sensation of cracking his joints as a kid - which he could do without any lasting harm, despite his grandmother's warnings. Today, it serves as an important stress reliever. Olle noted, "I usually crack them more when I feel tense."

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Practicing More Joint Cracking

His world record consists of cracking 46 different joints consecutively - including ones in his neck, back, and ankles - although he believes he can achieve a maximum of 60 with perfect conditions.

Olle has actually managed to crack his jaw “once or twice,” however, it proved “very painful.”

“I have dragged my ears very hard in different directions, but with no success,” he added.

TikTok @guinnessworldrecords
Click to play video - TikTok @guinnessworldrecords

Despite his world record, the human body has 360 joints, many of which he's yet to crack. With this in mind, he encourages all joint crackers to push their limits and "have fun!", but still stay within their limits as trying to apply more force than necessary will not necessarily result in success.

“Am I really the most 'cracky' person out there? I guess we will have to wait and see!”

Olle's last piece of advice is to remain "flexy" to give yourself a greater range of motion - improving your chances of cracking more joints.

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