Tom Selleck voiced a series of AT&T commercials back in 1993 that predicted the future!  He talked about amazing technology the company would be introducing in the coming years and for the most part all of it seems to have come true.

It's hard to imagine a world without things like Zoom, Waze, medical apps, Ring doorbell, and Apple watch.

But, just to take you 1993 we didn't have the internet.  I mean, it had been invented...but us civilians wouldn't have it in our houses for another 7-10 years and when you got internet it wasn't fast and you couldn't use your phone at the same time.

In 1993, Bill Clinton gets sworn in as president, the massacre in Waco happens, Jurassic Park gets released into theatres.  This was a time before camera phones, USB flash drives, Bluetooth technology, iPods.

Whitney Houston topped the charts with "I Will Always Love You" and Tag Team wouldn't dream of putting their hit song "Whoomp! (There It Is)" into a crummy commercial. Aerosmith released "Get a Grip", Pearl Jam put out "VS" and I saw Alice in Chains at the Palmer Auditorium.

We were thinking about the future but as a 16 year old kid I had no idea what kind of progress we could see.

But AT&T did.

Check out this series of commercials that will make you nostalgic but also laugh at how they missed the mark...just by a hair.  Video conferencing your baby from a phone booth didn't happen to most of us.  And we probably haven't sent a "fax" from the beach.  But close enough, right?

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