Davenport, we've been here before. It may seem that an unstoppable force is in the air, literally, closing the window on Quad City businesses. The Coronavirus is something communities have been trying to get in front of now for weeks, riding a line between public safety and exercising personal freedom.

Tree Dwyer
Tree Dwyer

In 1918, as the photo from my wife shows, Davenport leaders and businesses decided to basically shut down the city to contain the spread of the deadly Spanish flu. No large groups of people, no business, until the risk subsided. That meant stores, libraries, movies and theaters, churches, pool halls, bowling alleys, colleges and most schools were closed. Curfews were enforced.

Lives were saved. And still lives were lost.

In 2020, we see a similar virus, and a reaction to help stop its' spread. And if 1918 is any indication, 15 days may be just the beginning of the fight.

More on this from a great story in the Quad City Times.

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