With the country being on lockdown, it looks like Easter plans are cancelled too. Church service and Easter egg hunts, and Grandma's dinner and egg hunt have no hope of happening at this point.

Here's our 10 favorite traditions, and how you can do them from home.

  1. Making Easter Dinner- Most grocery stores have delivery and curbside pickup, so you can order online and not even go to the store.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt- Set up a small egg hunt in the backyard with the kids, but don't invite the neighbors, because you know, social distancing. If you've got some college kids at home, try replacing the candy in the eggs with mini-bottles or replace the eggs all together with bottles of beer.
  3. Eating Candy- If your kids aren't in the house anymore, that means you won't have a basket to sneak a few bars from in the middle of the night. Just order the same candy and throw it in a bowl for yourself.
  4. Taking Family Photos- It's still possible to get the family photos in. Take a family selfie, or go all out and get dressed up, head to the yard and set your phone on a timer.
  5. Dying Easter Eggs- Egg dye kits are still available in stores, just hop online and order it for curbside pickup before they're gone. 
  6. Making Easter Baskets- I love making baskets to hide in the house somewhere for the kids to try and find on Sunday morning.
  7. Visiting Extended Family- You might not be able to get together in person for a meal with your grandparents, aunt and uncles, and cousins, but you can still be together. Simply set up a time for you all to log onto Zoom to 'eat together.'
  8. Going to ChurchMany churches are still holding service online, so you can still attend your one service a year.
  9. Photos With the Easter Bunny- Use apps like Catch a Character and other photo apps that would allow you to still take pictures of your kids with the Easter Bunny.
  10. Easter Arts and Crafts- Check out KinderArt's list of at home arts and crafts for you to do with your kids this Sunday. See how long you can keep them off Fortnite for a day. 

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