Peter McKinnon is a famous Youtuber/Filmmaker/Photographer you've probably never heard of.  So, I guess "famous" is a relative term, huh?

He's known for doing filmmaking tutorials and vlogging his life up in Canada.  Something that has been synonymous with Peter McKinnon  He's taken the act of making coffee and turned it into art by filming cinematic b-roll for something so mundane that you don't even have to be awake most days to do it yourself.

Anyway, I came across his short video today on the Instagram of him making the rarest cup of coffee in the world.  What makes it so rare?

The coffee beans are eaten then digested by elephants.  Then what? THEN WHAT?

You know what.  Then they clean it off and ship it off to some morons who will pay way too much for coffee beans that were pooped out by elephants.

It was a $200 dollar bag of coffee. 267 beans which puts each bean at $.74.

The mission of Black Ivory Coffee is to take a negative situation, namely human-elephant conflict and turn it into a positive one by creating a luxury product that helps not hurts elephants. It must also taste great, be distinctive and create a lasting, positive and memorable experience for the guest.

You can buy some for yourself at  Or maybe you could just donate to save the elements without making some poor guy in a safari hat follow a herd of elephants with the biggest poop bag you've ever seen.

Hotel Davenport Demolition

The Hotel Davenport is located at 5202 Brady St. and was reportedly built in the early 1970s. Earlier this year it was decided that this hotel was no longer set to have guests.

According to the Quad Cities times, the Davenport hotel has faced a number of fires, along with safety and health code violations. This has led to the call for its demolition. I've driven past it many times and have seen that the building had clearly began to deteriorate.

It was scheduled for demolition earlier this year, and said demolition began in April. Many involved in this project are excited to see what the future holds for this lot in Davenport.

I drive past this spot every day for work, and over the last month have snagged some pictures of the demolition.

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