On Wednesday, a Delta flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale plunged almost 30,000 feet in seven minutes, people were grabbing oxygen masks and hugging their families goodbye. Fortunately, the plane landed safely.

And somehow, that wasn't the worst thing that happened on a plane this week.

No, the worst thing happened on an American Airlines flight from Medellin, Columbia to Miami, Florida on Wednesday.

Apparently, a woman on the flight was wearing flip-flops and had a blister on her foot. And somehow... it POPPED. Maybe it was the air pressure, maybe she popped it herself, but either way, the blister exploded.

And BLOOD SPLATTERED out of her foot blister and landed on the two guys in the row in front of her. It also landed on a window and the book one of the guys was reading.

Paramedics met the flight when it landed in Miami and checked out the woman and the two guys she splattered with blood. Apparently everyone was okay . . . but still, HORRIBLE, right?


Read more at the New York Post.

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