When a trooper with the Washington State Patrol flipped on his emergency lights behind a white Toyota Prius, the driver made no attempt to pull over and the story just gets crazier.

The car had expired tags, which prompted the trooper to pull the driver over. When the suspect continued to drive away, they told her over the loudspeaker to get off the road.

Eventually the trooper pulled alongside the driver's window and again told her to pull over. The woman behind the wheel responded and said she wouldn't stop until they got to the bank parking lot.

The third time the trooper commanded her to pull over, the driver said, “I will not. I drive a Prius. I am not pulling over there.”

In all the trooper told her four times to pull over and she refused every time. Finally the trooper had to force her from the Prius when she would not cooperate.

According to reports, the driver told the trooper, “I will own your bank account. I will own your house.” When asked her name, the suspect said, "None of your business."

Apparently she wouldn't pull over because the shoulder would pop her tires. The driver was arrested for failing to obey instructions, failing to identify herself and obstruction.

Read more at Everett Herald.

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