Everyone loves their pets. But do you love them enough to upend your whole career?

A woman from Washington state named Carole King went on a trip to Montana this summer, and brought her seven-year-old border collie named Katie along. Then the dog escaped from her hotel room during a thunderstorm.

She immediately started looking for her, put up hundreds of flyers, knocked on doors . . . and even extended her trip to keep searching. But no luck.

She eventually ran out of vacation days, but then instead of giving up, she decided to QUIT HER JOB as a postal worker and keep searching.

She ended up staying in Montana for almost two months, and it wasn't looking good. But then last week, after 57 straight days of searching... she found her.

Apparently someone saw one of the flyers and called about a dog they'd seen running around their property. Then Carole showed up, called out for Katie, and she came darting out of some bushes.

She was about 12 pounds lighter than she was before she ran off, but fine otherwise. Carole says she knew Katie was out there. And she just refused to give up.

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