A woman from the U.K. who claims she was engaged to a ghost has let the public know she called off the wedding, saying the spirit 'changed' while they were on a trip to Thailand.

32-year-old Amethyst Realm met the love of her life, a ghost only known as Ray, on a trip to Australia back in 2018. Realm said this comes after multiple sexual encounters with spirits over the years, so she knows what she's talking about.

The couple had planned to get married and have a baby, who I would assume would have to petition to have "Human/Ghost" added to the ethnicity section of employment forms.

Realm said things were going good until their trip, when she suspected him of "drinking and doing drugs." After Ray "fell into the wrong crowd," he would start bringing a slew of ghost ladies back to their hotel room.

Eventually Realm said she had to kick him out of her home by cleansing it with sage.

Despite the loving-couples successful start, with Realm citing them joining the mile-high club in an interview, his crazy love for the party eventually started impacting the relationship.

"I think maybe he started doing drugs and partying a bit much," she told, "These spirits would stay for days, there would be crashing and banging and strange noises."

This Morning host Phillip Schofield was confused by exactly how Ray was partying, so he asked Realm to clarify.

'I think partying in both judging by him disappearing for a while and coming back to mine," She explained, "I’ve never had negative experiences with spirits before, but this was pretty scary, one would just follow me and another one would leave a constant bad smell, things were being moved."

The two were planning on getting married at Wookey Hole caves, and she explained that Ray's family was especially saddened by the breakup.

Realm said she thinks the stress of the pandemic is what caused him to turn to the drugs and drinking, explaining that they also have to socially distance to avoid getting the virus.

"Ghosts also have to socially distance, of course', she said, "It affects us all. They'd get ill just as we would."

She says she communicated with Ray through "energy, emotions and feelings," and said she's devastated by the breakup, but isn't ruling out dating in the future.

"I'm happy free and single at the moment to be honest", she said, "Not put off spirits, i'm sure eventually i'll be ready for another one. For the moment i'm just happy being free and single."

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