To celebrate "Star Wars Day" yesterday (May the Fourth Be With You), a pop culture themed restaurant called Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina decided to put a Stormtrooper out front.

The young lady stood, in costume, holding an E-11 blaster replica, and looked just like the movie. Some people stopped and took pictures of the realistic looking Imperial soldier standing on the sidewalk. Some people pulled a Billy Michaels and called the cops.

The cops showed up, pulled real guns on her, and cuffed her. The whole incident was caught on video. Some of the officers even got their rifles out.

The owner of the restaurant as well as the guy shooting the video tried explaining to police that the gun was plastic.

The woman was released from custody about an hour later, with no charges pressed. The owner of the restaurant said he's looking to take action against the police.

Read more at RD News

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