I know a lot of people want to be as far from their in-laws as possible, but there's one mom out there that's considering some extreme measures because her in-laws are coming a little too close to home.

A U.K. woman posted in a forum called Mumsnet, asking for advice. She said her husband's parents bought the house next door, and she's worried about having her in-laws be a literal stone's throw away.

She's even thinking about a divorce.


Now, this website seems to be for moms, but now that it's hit international news, I'm sure there's a few husbands that have their suspicions.

One mom responded with some advice, saying "I like my in-laws but I’d hate them living next door. I reckon my husband would feel the same way though. I assume yours thinks this is a good idea? Time to set some boundaries for the sake of everyone’s sanity. Once or twice a week I think I could manage, but when they move in there needs to be some clear expectations for both sides."

Hopefully they can get their issues figured out, and be moved out by the time his parents get moved in.

How would you like living next to your in-laws? Would you give them a key?

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