With this whole debate on whether or not wearing a mask helps, if it's necessary of not, it's good to know that there's someone out there with a new perspective on things.

A woman named Cheryl responded to a comment on a local news station's post, voicing her opinion on the mask debate.

One woman claimed she had to wear a mask recently, and now has an infection of her nose and on her face.

Cheryl had a similar story, where her husband had to travel for a business trip and was forced to wear a mask, and when he came back he had "clamedia." All from that damn mask.


One woman asked if she meant chlamydia, and Cheryl was simple with her response.

Just Jen via Twitter
Just Jen via Twitter

Cheryl, you need to have a conversation with a medical expert, or even a high school sex-ed teacher.

On the other hand, you now have an excuse if you come across any...discrepancies in appearance down there.

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