Your dog is so loyal that he'd never sell you out. So don't you owe him that same courtesy?

33-year-old Christina Lamoreaux of Wildwood, Florida crashed her car outside of her apartment last week, then drove away from the scene. There were a few witnesses, though and they pointed the cops right to her.

When they got to her apartment, she said the crash wasn't her fault, she blamed it on her dog. She didn't explain how her dog was responsible, but she did tell the cops to arrest him. They decided not to and since Christina smelled like booze and failed a bunch of sobriety tests, they arrested her instead.

(Sumter County Sheriff's Office)

She's been charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident.

One final note: Last month, Christina posted a photo on Facebook of her dog in the front seat of her car and wrote, "The best road trippin' friend, no backseat driving and no comments [or] complaints on the music choices."


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