Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang Van Halen has released a short clip of the solo album he’s been working on for some time.

You can listen to the 17-second section below. It follows the appearance of a 10-second preview that arrived in August (you can hear that one at the bottom). Before that, he teased a one-second sample from the upcoming LP.

It was previously reported by Van Halen News Desk that Wolfgang was “doing it all” on the studio project, including vocal, guitar, drum, bass and keyboard tracks. He appears to be experimenting with old-school reel-to-reel studio equipment as he works.

No release date has been revealed for the record yet. In the latest Facebook post, he simply states, “A sneak peek to start your week.” The brief snippets of music that have been released so far confirm Eddie’s description of the music, which he called “AC/DC meets Van Halen meets aggressive pop. ... The riffs are catchy. It’s a little of everything and sounds like a freight train coming at you. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. It’s so powerful that I’m jealous.”

Wolfgang, 26, became a member of Van Halen in 2006, replacing original bassist Michael Anthony, and took part in his first tour the following year, at the age of 17. He played on the band’s 2012 album, A Different Kind of Truth, and then joined Tremonti, the band formed by Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti. He appeared on their Cauterize LP in 2015 and then Dust the following year.

“He's such a quick learner.” Tremonti said in 2014. “He gets everything in two seconds. He came in a few days late for our last writing session, and we were kidding with him that the new songs were tough and he'd have to catch up. But he learned them in two seconds.”

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