How would you like to own your very own comic book store? Well, here's your chance to win one.

Carmelo Chimera has decided to offer up his store and all its inventory, Chimera's Comics, in Oak Lawn, IL for the person who writes the best essay and submits a $25 application fee.

The subject for the essay is "What Makes A Great Comic Book Store?" and should be no more than 500 words. So in reality that's like 3 tweets. How hard is that?

"Winners will be select on a merit-basis by the answer to the question, what makes a great comic book store?" Chimera wrote in his FAQ's on his website. "This is not a raffle or a drawing."

Chimera says he doesn't have the time to run the store properly, as he has two other stores, practices law, and is a graphic novelist to boot.

He says, "People have been telling me for years I'm spreading myself too thin and now I'm finally understanding it. I am doing the store a disservice by not being there. I am doing everything less well than I could. So I need to focus."

Applications are being accepted through Feb. 28 or whenever Chimera receives 2,000 applications.

Good luck, true believers.

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