There are many ways to spend $10,000.  You could sock it away.  You could pay off student loans.  Use it as a down payment for a new home.

Or you could use it wisely and buy a BBQ grill shaped like a giant gun!

"A BBQ grill shaped like a giant gun

It’s pistols at dawn…and BURGERS! Whaaa? Yes, if you’ve dreamed of cooking meat on an oversized gun then you’re probably a character from King of the Hill. If by some chance you aren’t, then, well, here you go. Knock yourself out."

Pistol BBQ Grill, $7950.

You don't have $10,000 just wasting away.  But you could!  Listen for the Workday Payday Cash Code for your shot at $1,000 each time (3 times every weekday) and a grand prize of 10g's.

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