Do you use a sticker chart to get your kids to do chores? Cool. What about the grown man you decided to have those kids with?

There's a picture going viral from Reddit right now of a woman's chore sticker chart for her husband. And it has some interesting rewards every time the guy does one of the chores six times and gets six stickers . . .

  1. Wash the dishes... 12 pack of your favorite beer.
  2. Put the toilet seat down... no nagging for a week.
  3. Change a blowout diaper... naked hula dance.
  4. Bathe the kids... I won't donate your favorite pit-stained t-shirt.
  5. Pack the kids' lunches... one "get out of the dog house free" card.
  6. Vacuum the car seats... don't have to go to some annoying kid's birthday party.
  7. Clean up throw up... a SEXUAL FAVOR.

So is this funny and a good way to motivate someone to pitch in, or is it a bad look for an infantilized husband and a wife bartering sex for basic parenting chores? The responses are split, but lean toward "bad."

Read more at New York Post.

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