A litmus test circling the internet is an easy one to conduct, merely by people watching in a parking lot.

While there aren't any laws forcing us to return the shopping cart we used to a corral, it's just the right thing to do. You can tell how productive of a member of society you are, based off whether you do the right thing when nobody is watching.


Most of the internet has agreed you are just lazy, or a jerk, for not putting your cart in the corral. If you leave it in the parking lot, it could hit other cars, injure bystanders, or take up parking spots for people who need them.

The most often used excuse is that "That's someone's job," but their job is to get the carts from the corral. Why make it more work for someone because you can't walk 15 more feet to park it in the right spot? Just think how many people are like you. By the end of the day, the poor cart guy would be walking around the parking lot, picking up strays.

A movement was born out of the frustration of people leaving their carts behind. The Cart Narcs are a crack team of "highly trained" enforcers who make sure shopping carts get back to where they belong.

They call out the "lazy bones," and even go as far as sticking magnets that expose the people for who they are, or blocking their car in a parking spot with the shopping cart they left behind.

Check them out:

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