What is a Yondr and how does it work?

Let's say you're going to see a concert (or in this case, a Dave Chappelle Comedy Show) and security asks you to hand over your phone. A staff member would take your phone and put it into one of the Yondr pouches. They will hand you your phone back as it is now inside the pouch, but you are not able to open it.


While the phone is inside the Yondr pouch, you are not able to access it. This way, during the performance you are not able to record video or talk on the phone.

If you need to access your phone, you would need to leave the theater and go back to the lobby. A staff member would unlock the pouch and you can continue to use your phone in the lobby.

When you reenter the theater, staff will lock your phone back into the Yondr pouch and hand it to you.

The Yondr Bags are MANDATORY for anyone attending a Dave Chapelle show becasue Chapelle found that he was telling jokes to people who were distracted by their phones.

"We've had a strict no cell phone rule for years. Obviously, if you look on YouTube you will see that very few people adhere to it." Chapelle told CBS Mornings. "It would be very hard to talk to anybody if they were doing this (holds a phone up to face) every time you talk."

"I understand why people use their phones and why people are addicted to technology. I'm not any different from them, but people actually watch the show and they are in the moment and they are vastly more fun to speak to." Chapelle said.

Not only have Yondr's been used for concerts and performances, but teachers are also using these for their classrooms, encouraging kids to pay better attention by placing their phones in a Yondr Pouch.

Everyone on the Morning Show had never heard of a Yondr, come to find out this is not a new invention. Here is a news clip from CBS Mornings from 2016 showing the use of Yondrs!

The news clip shows how teenage students in California are asked by their professor to put their phones in a Yondr to help them pay attention during class.

Also Included, is the inventor of Yondr, Graham Dugoni whose goal is to "break cellphone addiction."

With more research, kids have already posted videos on how to break into a Yondr. (Of course)

Learn More about Yondr by visiting the website: OverYondr.com

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