We've all taken alcohol from a stranger at some point, not knowing if there's something in it, if it's expired, or if the guy is just downright a weird dude. It's all a part of the grand experience that is life.

A video shared to Reddit shows a girl waiting on the sidewalk for a stranger on a balcony to pour what I assume is some jungle juice down into her mouth.

The stranger and the person recording the video are up a floor on the balcony overhanging the sidewalk.

A blonde girl in a bikini is standing on the sidewalk below, mouth open, as her friend watches.

"She's pretty as hell, though," someone can be heard saying.

As the stranger, who I can assume is Austin, gets the girl a few drops before dropping the entire barrel of juice on her head.

The pourer's friends immediately let out a collective "OOHHH!" as the girl gets hit in the face by the Gatorade jug-sized barrel of fruity drink.

"Oh my god," one bystander can be heard shouting, just before another yells "AUSTIN-uh."

Commenters to the video cracked jokes, like "I remember this move from Donkey Kong."


The girl walks away with her friend in tow, likely extremely pissed by how her plan to get a free drink went.

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