In the SPHL, there are quite a few rivalries, and today, a lot of those rivalries are boiling up on Twitter. It appears Peoria is out for everybody's heads today, and as a hardcore Quad City Storm fan, you can't help but smile.

The one closest to home, of course, is the Cold War on 74 - a battle for a trophy based on regular season wins between the Quad City Storm and the Peoria Rivermen.

Well, they started tweeting out dates of their rivalry games against the Quad City Storm, miswriting the series as the "War on I-74."

Naturally, the Quad City Storm responded by correcting them, writing "It’s literally called the Cold War on 74👍." Peoria responded by rubbing it in that they've held the trophy the last few years.

Then, the team skipped right over the league's newest team, the Vermillion County Bobcats - located in Danville, IL, right on the border of Illinois and Indiana - to share the schedule against their "Border War" rivals, the Evansville Thunderbolts.

Well, Vermillion County Bobcats were feeling left out of the beef, so they spoke up, saying they're coming for the trophy.

Now, the Vermillion County Bobcats finished in last place of the SPHL's regular season - with five wins, fourty-six losses, and Peoria wasn't going to let them get by without a reminder.

Ouch. Way to rub it in, in front of the world and Twitter.

Peoria has a big head this year because they came out as the champion in the SPHL President's Cup Playoffs.

The Quad City Storm's season starts with a home opener on October 21st against the Peoria Rivermen. After the SPHL President's Cup Playoffs, where the Storm fell to the Rivermen 3-2 in the Semi Finals, there's bound to be some beefs between the two teams.

In total, the Storm play the Rivermen 14 games this season. Whichever team comes out of the regular season with 8 wins against the other will take the Cold War trophy home.

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