Americans will spend more than $3 billion on food and drinks for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Here are some tips to help you save money if you're hosting a party for the Big Game this weekend.

  1. Make it a potluck or BYOB. It's not only a great way to save money, it also helps you get a wider variety of food and drinks at the party.
  2. Look for sales. Rather than planning your menu and then looking in grocery store ads to see which items on your list are on sale, plan your entire menu based on what's discounted.
  3. Buy in bulk. Warehouse stores like Costco are a great place to pick up things like burger patties, hot dogs, buns, chips, and especially alcohol.
  4. Use a slow cooker. It allows you to buy tougher, cheaper cuts of meat that will soften as they cook slowly over several hours. A big pot of chili would only cost you a few bucks, but it'll make enough servings to last most of the game.
  5. Go for homemade snacks over prepared food. It's easier to buy sandwich and veggie platters from the grocery store, but that convenience comes at a price. A pre-made platter can end up costing you two or three times as much as making it yourself.

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