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This year, in the 3rd Annual 2Dorks Celebrity Pinewood Derby, we have celebrities from so many fields, that it's hard to keep track of. We'll be seeing celebrities coming from the NFL, UFC, NCAA, and more.

All eyes are on the grudge match faceoff between University of Iowa's Kirk Ferentz and Iowa State University's Matt Campbell.

Celebrity Pinewood Derby
Celebrity Pinewood Derby

Last year, Matt Campbell won a tied best-of-three series by a blink of an eye, but this year, Ferentz is ready to even the score.

Watch Below:

Last year's results showed Matt Campbell as the winner of the face-off. Who will this year's winner be?

Also, keep an eye on the rivalry between champion Jake Gervase and runner-up Pat Angerer, who both will be competing with 2021's champion, Pat Militech, for first place.

Check out the full lineup:

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