Air guitar is serious business and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. In Perth, Australia, 3,722 AC/DC fans lined up at the Perth Fest to set the Guinness World Record for the "biggest air guitar gathering" on March 1.

Leading the charge was the "Jinja Assassin" (Alex Roberts) who is Australia's air guitar champion (shut up, that's a real thing). He commanded the 3,700-plus crowd as they all strummed along to AC/DC's immortal hit "Highway to Hell" on their invisible six-strings, shattering the old "biggest air guitar gathering" record, which united 2,377 people.

That previous record took place in 2011 San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, California at a "Rock N' Roll Bingo" event held by a local radio station. They played along to "Crazy Train," which was played live by the Ozzy Osbourne tribute group Mr. Crowley.

It was a proud day for Australians, who reclaimed the world record after their previous one was broken at the aforementioned bingo event. They first held the record in 2009 when 1,883 air guitarists answered the call.

Joining the Jinja Assassin were two other esteemed air guitarists — Tommy AirManuel (Wes Roe, a former Aussie air guitar champ) and state champion Billy Damage.

Watch footage of the record-setting moment further down the page.

The 2020 Air Guitar World Championship will once again be held in Oulu, Finland, in August. Regional championship rounds are currently underway as representatives from various countries will all be crowned in the coming months.

On the final day of the Perth Festival, 150,000 AC/DC fans flooded the highway for a "Highway to Hell" tribute to late singer Bon Scott. Why not have them all play air guitar during that?!

Australians Break World Air Guitar Record to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell"

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