We all know all about the classic rockers (and classic tracks) that put in appearances during nationwide commercial spots that aired during Super Bowl LII yesterday, but the regional markets broadcast their own memorable clips between plays — like the one Alice Cooper filmed for Desert Financial Credit Union in Phoenix.

Cooper's deep Phoenix roots might have been enough to make him a natural pitchman for the commercial. But as the Phoenix Business Journal reports, he was the perfect celebrity spokesperson for the credit union's new ad campaign for an even better reason: Desert Financial recently opted to make a name change, moving away from being known as Desert Schools Credit Union. "Schools" was out, in other words — which is exactly where Cooper came in.

The Journal spoke with Desert Financial's chief marketing officer, Cathy Graham, who said they approached the commercial as a rare opportunity to put together an ad with a little more humor than people might typically expect from a bank. As she put it, "This is the one time we could some something edgy or be out there."

Whether the end result is all that "edgy" or "out there" is in the eye of the beholder, but Cooper's clip is certainly irreverent — starting with his him appearing, Max Headroom style, on the screen of an ATM, continuing through a performance of "School's Out" that uses a guillotine to demonstrate the name change, and concluding with an effects-fueled bit depicting Cooper launching out of a bank machine in a spray of flame. Check it all out above.

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