When this Dave Sacco saw his neighbor's house engulfed in flames, he went to check on the older couple. After realizing that a woman was in the building, he wasted no time rushing in to get her out.

From the video's description:

The neighbors across the street were allegedly growing marajuana in two bedrooms of their house. The fire investigator on scene suspects the fire may have been started by the secondary electrical system used to power the grow operation. It started in the garage and ran up into the attic then across the whole far side of the house. I'm pretty sure it's a total loss. So sad. The old couple living their were always so friendly. None of us neighbors had any idea what was actually going on in there!

The video starts when I left my house to check out the fire. When I saw the old man sitting in his truck, but didn't see his wife, I went over to find out if she was inside. Turns out she was still inside or had gone back in for something. I went in, found her, and convinced her to get out. Just after we were out, the windows in the garage door started popping and I could feel the heat. It was intense! I helped them to the sidewalk then headed to my next door neighbor's house and stopped recording. A few minutes later, two police cars showed up and cleared the street for the fire trucks. Folsom FD and EDH FD were both on scene. It took several hours to put out. They were able to contain the fire to a single structure. Those guys and gals think they are just doing their job, but they truly are heroes.