At a Walmart in Florida (Always a Florida story) a shoplifter threw a fit after she was caught stealing by multiple employees.

This incident occurred in a Winter Haven Walmart on February 2nd at 1:00 PM.

According to police, the woman stocked up a shopping cart with groceries and rolled up to the self-checkout area where she lingered for about 15 minutes, then tried to leave with the items.

The video shows four employees stopping her.

Police say the shoplifter told the workers, "get the manager Kim, I have an employee discount and I get my groceries for free."

The store has no manager named Kim, according to authorities.

After that, the angry woman walked away to grab a box containing a Barbie doll. She came back to the employees surrounding her cart and hurdled the box at one employee. The box hit the employee in the face and cut her lip.

Winter Haven police are asking people to help identify the woman, who they say had "green hands and hair, apparently from a recent hair dye treatment."

The Winter Haven Police Facebook page contains several Walmart Security videos. Here is another incident that occurred at a Winter Haven Walmart on February 5th.

A female entered Walmart at 4:40 PM and headed straight for the electronic section where she placed two televisions and a soundbar in her cart. She then tried to exit the store. An employee attempted to stop her and asked for a receipt. The woman continued walking while telling the employee, "you can help me load these up."

After getting through two associates, the woman proceeded outside where she quickly loaded the electronics into a dark gray Toyota Rav4 and drove away.

If you happen to know either women featured in the videos, please contact the Winter Haven Police Dept. at 863-280-5829. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Heartland Crime Stoppers: Call 1-800-226 TIPS (8477)

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