The Cicloturista Condaca Salmor Bike event in El Hierro is the latest race to fall victim to clueless spectators stepping in the way of the race, causing an accident.

A few seconds into a video shared to Twitter, the about-to-be winner of the race is coming through his final stretch. Shortly before he comes closer to the camera, a spectator runs across the road successfully with no issue.

However, just as the cyclist is about to pass the group of spectators, another spectator decided it was a good time to cross, stepping out in front of the rider and immediately being hit.

The cyclist was almost to the end of a 55-mile race, only to be cut short just as he was about to cross the line.

Don Lewis via Twitter
Don Lewis via Twitter

According to Cycling Weekly, the rider suffered a "moderate head injury," and the woman who was hit by the rider was treated at the scene, but was later airlifted to a hospital.

Police are investigating the accident.

Now, I'm not a professional cyclist, or a race organizer, but I feel like when you're having a high profile bicycle race with 270 cyclists, you probably should do something to make sure the spectators stay spectators. 

Especially after the "Go Grandma, Go Grandpa" sign chick caused a pileup of a couple dozen racers during the Tour de France, there should be something in place here to protect the racers.

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