There's not a whole lot for a backstory here, but this guy has bigger balls than the majority of people who will look at this video.

A Twitter video shows the moment a guy freed a bear that was locked inside of his car.

"F*ck, dude. F*ck!" a long haired guy in a tie-dye shirt says to his friend as he sticks the keys in the door.

It's not clear how the bear got into the car in the first place, but the options probably came down to:

  • Bear destroying the inside of the car while waiting for someone who knows what they're doing
  • Opening the door and letting the big dude out on their own

Naturally, the long haired, hippie-type guy decided on opening the door, wearing no shoes to be seen.

He opens the door, and starts yelling "Go on, go!" as his friends shout loudly at it to scare it away.

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The bear sticks its head out of the car, and looks at them as if they were offended by their behavior.

Dumb bear doesn't even realize he's the one waking up in some random guy's car.

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