The longhorn bull mascot that sits on the roof of Fairway Beef Co. in Worcester, Massachusetts was nearly castrated by a vandal last week.

Police responded to the meat store shortly after 2 A.M. last Tuesday morning after a neighbor noticed something strange. Alex Smith was cleaning up the Mailbox Bar and Lounge, which is next door Fairway Beef, when he heard a commotion.

He found that a man had climbed up to where the bull stood, straddle the statue, and was trying to break off its tail and testicles.

"He was riding it when I showed up," Alex said to Telegram. "He ended up getting down and going at its privates and trying to rip them off and failed and went at the tail and tried to rip the tail off."

Police arrested 24-year-old Sean Giorgi and charged him with willful and malicious vandalism/defacing property and trespassing. Fairway Beef Co. confirmed on Facebook that Sir Loin survived the ordeal and that everything was "back in its proper place and hanging well."

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