You know, if you're going to buy an erotic whip, don't use it for regular, non-erotic whipping purposes. What are you, some kind of whip amateur?


33-year-old James Kramer bought an erotic whip for $30 from an adult store in Longmont, Colorado last week. The specific one he bought is the British Fantasy Series Metal Beaded Flogger, if you're a connoisseur.

The whip never got to do its intended flogging duty. Later that day, James went back to the adult store and got into an argument with the employees and even tried to attack them. They're not sure why he was so upset.

He wound up jamming the whip into the breaker box to try to kill their power. He accidentally went after their neighbor's box, so he took out the power to an O'Reilly Auto Parts instead.

He was arrested for felony menacing and misdemeanor criminal mischief and criminal tampering.

Longmont Police Department

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