The Eden Police Department, in a suburb near Minneapolis, said that not just one, but two people were arrested for a DWI in a single traffic stop.

Police say the arrest happened in April, when an officer saw a car speeding on Highway 62 that ran through a red light.

As the officer pulled the vehicle over, he watched as the vehicle slowed and noted the driver and front-seat passenger switching spots while the car was still moving.

Once the vehicle was pulled over, the officer made note of their watery, bloodshot eyes, and noted the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

The guy in the passenger seat, who was in the driver's seat when the traffic stop started, blew a 0.24 in the preliminary breath test, and the woman who the driver switched spots blew a 0.15.

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Both drivers were cited for driving while intoxicated. The man in the vehicle had three previous arrests for driving while intoxicated, which means his charge was elevated to a felony charge.

“This is preventable,” the police department reported. “If you’re drinking, plan ahead for a safe ride. If you’re not drinking, offer to be a designated driver.”

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