I think we're all in agreement that sexually harassment is unacceptable. But come on, it's a cartoon mascot.

Earlier this month, a Twitter account for Frosted Flakes' mascot Tony the Tiger tweeted out a pretty benign GIF of milk pouring into a bowl of cereal. They also made mention of the attractiveness of the tiger on the box.

Well, 30-year-old Alex Boivin agreed and replied with, "I'd [eff] that tiger." A few weeks later, he was alerted by Twitter's support team that his account was suspended.

"There was about a two-week gap from the tweet to it getting suspended," Boivin said to BuzzFeed. "Which seems weird because isn't someone at the Kellogg's social media team getting notifications of this? Or does the Twitter team just take that long to get to these things?"

Read more at Buzzfeed.

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