Parents, we all know how scary it is the first time around. You've got this... thing that won't do anything other than scream, cry, and crap its pants.

You can't get it to stop crying, so you take to the internet to find out what to do. Sure, you'll find some 10-step checklist about making sure it isn't hungry, then rock it for a bit, sing to it, take it for a car ride, but I have a one-second fix for you right here.

u/kriskirby86 shared a video of a new parenting method to get your kid to stop crying.

The video starts with a baby obviously upset about something while dad is holding it.

After a few seconds, someone tosses what looks like a Kraft Single onto the baby's head.

Not only does it stop crying immediately, but it also looks at whoever is recording with a look of shock and disbelief, as though baby has been wronged in a way it has never experienced.

For the remainder of the video, the baby sits quietly, just staring like it's seen some crap.

Throwing cheese at pets and babies was a big deal last year.

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