"No car. Nothing. Nada"

An elderly couple in Dallas came out of the grocery store after their weekly shopping trip, to find that their car was no longer there. When they came out of the store, they thought someone had stolen their car.

The manager pulled the surveillance footage, which showed what happened to the vehicle. A tow truck driver pull up, and nail a "No Parking" sign to the pole near Rodolfo and Catalina Gaona's SUV, and then tow it away.

WFAA-ABC caught up with the driver of the truck, who said he was putting up a sign that was supposed to be there anyway. When they went back to the store, the sign was no longer there.

The event caused the couple, who are in their 80's, to have to carry their groceries six blocks home, and were forced to pay $200 to get their vehicle back.

All City Towing, the company responsible, has been in trouble in the past, and has even had their license suspended for a year.

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