If there's anything I've learned from watching TV and movies, it's that I should stay far away from DNA tests, so as not to uncover some sort of bombshell secret that'll change my family's dynamic in some way.

A TikTok user, Cat McDonald, shared a video explaining that her dad bought the whole family DNA tests for Christmas, so they could see what their heritage is. McDonald said she grew up being told she had a strong Irish heritage, but was shocked to see her test results showed otherwise. It also shocked her dad, who is Irish.

@fretlessfeline##stitch with @meezersqueezer This is the first time I have said this on the internet and my soul just sighed. ##fyp ##Ancestry ##ancestrydna♬ original sound - Cat McDonald

Cat then went online to view the full results, and the account had located a definite paternal match. The only problem, was that the match wasn't the man who raised her. In a follow up, McDonald explained that she confronted her mom and aunts. She said they were "chill," and said that her dad recognized the name - an old family friend.

##ancestorydna ##part2
♬ original sound - Cat McDonald

After looking into the man who was apparently her biological father, she was shocked to find out that not only does he have multiple other children, but also is a billionaire. Cat went to meet him and give him a letter, but he wasn't willing to see her when he heard her name.

She ended her series of videos asking for help to get connected to her biological father.

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