The Five Flags Center in Dubuque shared an announcement to Facebook that the cast from Tiger King is coming to town for a one night event on November 14th.

UNCAGED: The Untold Stories from the Cast of 'Tiger King' will begin with a 70-minute moderated discussion with cast members. The last 20 minutes of the show will include a question-and-answer session for the audience.

The show will be featuring 4 of the show's favorites:

  • John Reinke: GW Zoo's 2nd in Command, under Joe himself
  • Saff Saffery: GW Employee whose arm was bitten off by a tiger
  • Joshua Dial: Former Gun Counter Manager at the Wynnewood Walmart and Joe Exotic's campaign manager
  • Barbara Fisher: Iowa resident and former employee of Doc Antle

The show will be moderated by podcaster and comedian Todd McComas.

Dubuque's appearance is only one of two appearances so far from the cast, with the previous stop being in Cedar Rapids on November 13th.

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