Apparently all of us have the remarkable ability to channel our inner Meryl Streep when we get a bad present.


According to a new survey, 73% of us regularly fake our reaction to bad presents. Only one out of 10 people will actually admit they don't like a gift.

Here are some more results from the survey that will make you question every present you've ever given:

  1. The average person figures out whether they like a gift or not within five seconds.
  2. Moms are twice as likely to give bad presents compared to dads, but the overwhelming pick for the worst gift giver is your significant other.
  3. 20% have gotten into an argument with their partner over a bad present and 11% of people have almost broken up over it.
  4. Three out of 10 people hide their disappointment with a bad gift by hugging the person who gave it to them long enough to avoid any awkwardness.
  5. Only 37% of people have been able to tell that someone was disappointed with a present they gave them.

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